About Business Earnings Dynamics

Business Earnings Dynamics is a team of experts dedicated to the solving the problems of small to mid size businesses.
We have the experience to guide you!

Steve Conroy

Owner/Entreprenuer Expert
Steve brings over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience to the firm. Starting out as a service rep for a copier company and working his way up to the top sales representative and then founded his own Toshiba Dealership in Boston. He grew the company to be the #1 dealership in the country for Toshiba. Steve knows what it takes for an entrepreneur to build a successful company in a very competitive market. Steve believes, "If you know how to hire the right people you can crush the competition!"
(978) 500-7555

Brian Dickens

Banking & Finance Expert
Brian has over thirty years of business and consulting experience. He has been the Treasurer of two multi-state regional banks and Chief Financial Officer of a bank holding company. Heıs been responsible for the bank's funding and investments, risk management, financial reporting and long term planning, and was the CEO of discount brokerage subsidiary. He has devoted the last fifteen years to consulting and coaching business owners and bankers. Brianıs motto: "Itıs not about the numbers, itıs always about the people!"
(904) 223-1866

Tim Mylod

Sales & Marketing Expert
Tim also has over thirty years of experience. Graduating from the Securities Institute at Wharton Business School to becoming a Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Consulting Services Departments of two nationwide securities firms, Tim has been on the front line of selling his entire career. He started as a young stockbroker and worked his way up to a senior executive position. Tim prides himself on understanding the human equation. He says, "Give me a sales force and let me profile a marketing campaign and I will bring it to the bottom line!"
(904) 992-9197