They were so responsive that I had to give them my business!
After implementing the cost-cutting measures from Business Earnings Dynamics, we were able to reduce our staff and saw an increase in sales as well as improved customer service. We refined our company's hiring process to hire staff that had core values consistent with the company's vision.
Robert Smith - District Manager - CoreTech, Inc.

Success Stories & Testimonials


I have been in the financial planning and estate planning business for high net worth folks for almost forty years. Steve came into my life in 1972 and I have watched him and his business grow over the years. He is a powerful person and an accomplished business man. It takes a special person to achieve both. In my business I have dealt with many talented and impressive people and I would put him right at the top of that list.

No matter what he does he will attain growth. He has the energy that makes good things happen. I am most pleased to call him a long time client and a friend and someone that I can truly label a good person.

Frank P. Sateriale, Principal - Sateriale Advisory Group